Ontario Association of Osteopathy and Natural Medicine


Ontario Association of Osteopathy and Natural Medicine (O.A.O.N.M) was established to form a united body of qualified Osteopathic Manual Practitioners who provide safe and effective treatments to the public and to assist the provincial government to devise a policy for regulation of Osteopathy in Ontario.


President and Oversight Coordinator Chair
Prof. Sohrab Khoshbin
Ph.D., A.M.D., H.D., C.HT., D.O.M.P.

Vice President and Membership Evaluation Committee Chair
Elvis Ali
N.D., M.Sc.

Treasurer and Standards Policy Review Committee Chair
Danny Seto
M.Psy., M.Div., MBA/M.Sc., B.Ed., RMT, SMT (cc), DOMP, R.TCMP., R.Ac., RP, OCT, ARCT, RMFT, OACCPP(c)

Public Education Liaison and Patient Relations Chair
Ms. Michelle Farzanegan
H.D., D.O.(MP)


  • To train and advance the knowledge of Osteopath Manual Practitioners through seminars and classes.
  • Establish a provincial standard for the training and education of qualified osteopaths.
  • Seek and establish relationships with overseas and North American colleges and universities to keep apprised of research and updated practical techniques.
  • Establish a centre for research in osteopathy.
  • To inform and educate the public about the philosophy and technique of osteopathy for treatment of disease.
  • Oversight of regulatory policy and qualification evaluation of applicants.
  • To investigate and resolve patient complaints and practitioner compliance.
  • Develop and participate in the campaign of public education and strengthening of practitioner professional standards.
  • Fair resolution of dissentious issues, without prejudice, amongst membership and individual practitioners, patient disputes, including the review and proclamation of practicing directives, standards and innovations.