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As recommended by the Ombudsman for Health and Life Insurance, you can advise your patients to address their complaints directly to the OmbudService for Health and Life Insurance in case their claims are  rejected by an insurance company (such as the Great West Life, Standard Life or Equitable Life). The patients can leave their complaints for the OHLI at (416) 777-9002  or 1-888-295-8112. If your clients need assistance contacting the OmbudService, they may contact Tracey Surette for help at

Please download the following forms for your clients to fill up. 

Please, make sure they follow the procedure and enclose all the necessary documents  (the details can be found here: They can submit the complaint to the following address: 

OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance

401 Bay Street, PO Box 7
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2Y4 
Attention: General Manager

Also, the Ontario Osteopathic Association can represent your clients if they want us to do so. You can find attached the authorization of a representative form and give it to your customer to fill up - in this case we will submit the complaint on his/her behalf (make sure they also provide us will all the necessary documentation).

Should you have any questions, feel free to call us at (905)8849141 or contact us via email.

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